performance program at Darağaç
November 20-21, 2020

icra is a gateway to performance in Darağaç.
Darağaç is being performed with bodies and spaces, through bodies and spaces.
icra invites you to stroll through existence and non-existence and the different forms of all that is in between on November 20-21.

Details on daragac.com and Darağaç social media accounts.

Curator: Fatih Gençkal
Artists: Cansu Ergin, Medyartiz, Pınar Özer, Serenay Oğuz, tibia x fibula, Uğur Sayınbatur


My Liar Valentine
video performance

In the time of the pandemic where through-the-grass conversations replaced face to face ones, Gizem and Etem maintained their communications and creations online. My Liar Valentine is a product of this process where they discuss the concept of relationship through an online platform inspired by Oya and Bora’s song of the same name.

Cansu Ergin, Uğur Sayınbatur
improvizational sound and movement performance

As the ashes of the volcano paints the sky black, neither the people, nor their proud wealth nor the lives they thought would never end remain.
This is a dance and music improvization by Cansu Ergin and Uğur Sayınbatur where they attempt to communicate with each other and with the audience through interaction, listening, hearing and being in the moment.

Some Way Shape or Form
Serenay Oğuz, Pınar Özer, Fatih Gençkal
multimedia performance

The geometry of bodies, the geometry of visions, the geometry of Darağaç.
Here and now, here and there.
Now and later. Now and before.

How many things can a body dance with at one moment? Where does geometry take the  choreography? Where does Darağaç take the choreography?

Walkthrough: Darağaç
a second person shooter
tibia x fibula
interactive digital performance

Select character. Select mission. Explore the streets of Darağaç.
In the comfort of your home. Or wherever you are.

Concept, construction and performance: Cansu Pelin İşbilen, Fatih Gençkal
Graphic Design: Emre Yıldız