The Wind Take Us Home


Reading Performance, 2016
Text by: Mohammad Al Attar Concept and Construction: Fatih Gençkal Performers: Jawad Al-Habbal, Fatih Gençkal Produced by: A Corner in the World Festival, Mophradat, Yücel Kültür Vakfı
Festival and Performances: A Corner in the World Festival 2, Abud Efendi Mansion
Duration: 40’

This is an essay Syrian playwright Mohammad Al Attar wrote. It is a meditation and a performative delivery of the text by two performers: Turkish and Syrian.

‘A Syrian friend tells me that he has become liberated from the restricting idea of homeland. He wants to roam the world, he became tired with being captive to a desired homeland that will never be. I heard different variations on this sentence from other Syrian friends here in Berlin. No doubt, it takes courage to believe so, but they all avoided looking into my eyes while talking about being liberated from the idea of homeland and the illusions of alienation and exile.’