The Daily Life of Poseidon


Choreography and Performance:
Fatih Gençkal Visual Design: Cansu Pelin İşbilen Residency Support: K2 Urla Nefes Alanı, Ege Sanat Atölyesi
World Premiere: Untimely Festival, Tehran
Duration: 17’

What kind of movement will change the meaning of the body? What kind of signs can the body use to tell a mysterious story? What kind of a body can sense this kind of movement? Do the senses have a body? This piece explores the simplest ways to compile the body, movement and senses together: A body presents its daily routines in its own time as if there was a secret geometry governing the whole world: a violent story told in a demure manner. The story goes: Once upon a time, there lived gods, kings and a vast universe. Here, the minutest moments in the body were lived with utmost care, almost like breathing. This piece if a simple compilation of such moments.