Smuggled Tea Performance 

Unfinished Works for Them and I Trilogy Part 3

Concept and Construction: 
Fatih Gençkal Devised and Performed by Mustafa Zeren, Fatih Gençkal Dramaturgy: Eylül F. Akıncı Residency Support: Daire Guest Artist Program, K2 Urla Nefes Alanı, Loading Diyarbakır, Darağaç, PAL İzmir, Pure Space İstanbul
Duration: 55’

Mustafa and Fatih are two artists.
One from Diyarbakır, one from İstanbul. One living in Diyarbakır, one living in İzmir.
They set out to make a performance together. That’s it.
Smuggled Tea Performance follows the two year journey of two artists from different corners of Turkey.
It is a story of being (an artist) or not being.
A story that wants to dance. A dance piece that refuses to tell a story.
Which takes place within the time it takes to brew and enjoy a cup of good old smuggled tea from Diyarbakır.