Shoot to Kill

by Onur Karaoğlu (Studio 4 Istanbul)

Performance, 2010
Conceived and Directed by Onur Karaoğlu Executive Producer Deniz Buga Text: Orestes 2.0 by Charles Mee Translated by Fatih Gençkal Performers Fatih Gençkal, Zinnure Türe, Şafak Ersözlü Dramaturgy by İbrahim Halaçoğlu Light Design by Mustafa Çiçek Stage Manager Utku Kara Produced by: Studio 4 Istanbul
Performances: garajistanbul, ikincikat, Talimhane Theater
Duration: 90’

A dark comedy inspired by the “familiar”  murder news. A story of a group of youngsters’ lives full of revenge… As one play turns into another, a question remains: which is funnier? Violence itself or violence as a joke?