by Onur Karaoğlu (Studio 4 Istanbul) and Kathryn Hamilton (Sister Sylvester)

Directed by: Onur Karaoğlu, Kathryn Hamilton Designed by: Utku Kara
Video by:
Can Eskinazi Devised and Performed by: Fatih Gençkal
Produced by: Studio 4 Istanbul & Köşe
Duration: 45'

Festivals and Performances: İstanbul Street Theater Festival, Don Quijote Spring Festival,
İstanbul Visibility in Art Festival

Inspired by a video shot during the Gezi Park protests in Istanbul in June'13, Science-fictiondeals with how our imagination works. Is it possible to imagine another world independent of our own? A young man attempts to understand the cosmic ways of the universe as his imagination is jumbled with symbols, ideas and signals. The question of how our collective history follows us in our dreams of the future underpins the whimsical universe of Science-fiction.