Read Subtitles Aloud
by Onur Karaoğlu and Kathryn Hamilton

Created by Onur Karaoglu Produced by Onur Hamilton Karaoglu, Kathryn Hamilton, and Sister Sylvester
Featuring Onur Karaoglu, Kathryn Hamilton, Meera Kumbhani, Fatih Genckal and Paul Lazar
Art Direction Christine Jones Set and Costume Curation Zoë Hurwitz Lighting Designer Bill Berner Dramaturgy Emily Reilly
Executive Producers Kay Matschullat and Deniz Tortum

13 episode video series

Let’s Say You are X, the Main Character — and Only Live Performer —

You have all of X’s talent and egotism, defensiveness and vulnerability. At least, the subtitles on your screen dictate that you do. You used to be the resident writer for a theater company. You moved to Hollywood, created a problematic TV series, and cultivated your Instagram activism. Sorry, you don’t like being called an Instagram activist.
The pandemic hit.
Your collaborators Onur, Kathryn, Meera, and Fatih want you back—maybe grudgingly. They can’t realize their project, giving voice to the behavioral peculiarities of this moment—where more than ever before, our digitized selves lead scintillating social lives and our physical selves sit and stare, red-eyed and envious—without your evocative words, your acute observations.

And they’re going to use one of your ideas, whether you participate or not.

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