Olmamış mı?

Conceived and Directed by: Fatih Gençkal Dramaturgy: Ibrahim Halaçoglu Performers: Murat Mahmutyazıcıoglu, Zinnure Türe, Şafak Ersözlü, Firuze Engin, Hicran Demir, Utku Kara‍ Light Design: Utku Kara Sound Design: Ozan Tekin, Sinan Tına Photos: Mustafa Çankaya, Sertaç Girgin
Duration: 90'

World premiere:  IKSV Salon, Int. Istanbul Theater Festival, May 2012

Festivals and Performances: TheaterFormen, Hannover, 2013Festival Premieres, Karlsruhe, 2013Internationale Theaterwerkstatt, Braunschweig, 2012, IKSV Salon, garajistanbul, SahneHal, Maçka İTÜ Theater (2012-2013)

Olmamış mı? is a performance dealing with the question of how the world we grow up in shapes our present moment in parallel with how the interdisciplinary creation works.  Bringing together a company of artists from disciplines as diverse as theater, music, design, literature and film, this devised performance deals with the present moment through the cultural images of our childhood: the troublesome years of change and conflict in Turkish society, the 1990s.  The ingredients of this collage are personal anecdotes, objects, sounds, scents that reveal our private links to the cultural images of the 90s, gestures and speeches of the cultural icons of the 90s. Exhilarating episodes of 90s visuality –dances, competitions, songs- threaded together with video episodes of personal anecdotes revealing the complex dilemmas of the young artist of today.

Rehearsal log