by Onur Karaoğlu (Studio 4 Istanbul)

Performance/Party, 2014
Directed by: Onur Karaoğlu Written by: Matthew Wilson Translated by: Fatih Gençkal
Performed by:
Fatih Gençkal, Cemre Ebuzziya, Zinnure Türe, İbrahim Halaçoğlu Light Design: Utku Kara Sound Design: Özgür Kuşakoğlu Space Design: Doruk Çiftçi Produced by: Studio 4 Istanbul
Performances: ikincikat
Duration: 120’+

Lovers takes on a familiar subject: the ordinary daily life of two lovers. As the daily transforms into extraordinary, the performers go on a journey towards a new and free place where everything is possible with this in mind: the real power of love is the power to make the world another place.Based on Matthew Wilson's text, the piece investigates a unique experience for the audience in the form of a party starting at 11pm and ending whenever it needs to.