John and I 

Unfinished Works for Them and I Trilogy Part 2

Text, Concept and Performance:
Fatih Gençkal 
Duration: 75’

Fatih Gençkal. Curator. Director. Teacher. Choreographer. Translator. Dancer. Performer.
A stage person storifies and embodies personal anecdotes as he remembers and contemplates on his stories. A story of growing up. A story of emulation. A story of emerging and not-emerging. Fatih Gençkal’s test with a quirky rock star called John Frustiante, whose life could not resemble his less.
This performance explores the limits of movement, storytelling, honesty and sense-making through authobiographical material. Somewhere between story-telling performance, lecture performance and minimalist dance, the performance contemplates being young, growing up and surviving in Turkey: as a man, as an adolescent and an artist.