A Corner in the World Festival


Fatih Gençkal is the founding co-artistic director of A Corner in the World, an independent collective for curatorial practice focusing on performing arts and related fields.

With a strong belief in the exchange and interaction of disciplines, backgrounds and cultures, we aim to facilitate creations, give visibility to new voices and contribute to the cultural and artistic landscape of cities and communities.

Our work takes place in various spaces, takes in various actors and partners, collaborators, enthusiasts.

Our work in Turkey focuses on encouraging new creations, interdisciplinary interactions and presenting cutting edge works of performing arts. We also aim to decentralize artistic production and point to opportunities beyond big cities, conventional spaces and audiences.

Our international work focuses on exchange, mobility and collaborations between Turkey and its surrounding regions, with which we have little opportunities to come together despite our geographical proximity.

A Corner in the World realized 3 editions of its international performing arts festival in 2015, 2016 and 2018 hosting over 100 artists from over 10 countries.